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Our Finnish link building team has countless years of experience in the main areas of search engine optimization in order to build a Finnish link building campaign and find the best possible opportunities.

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Nordic Link Building Oy is a digital marketing agency with plenty of professional skills and knowledge in Finnish link building and SEO. We have already produced highly successful Finnish link building campaigns for hundreds of customers from all over the globe.

We firmly trust that being transparent and as anticipatory as possible within the projects is crucial by aiming on the highest potential amount of the targeted traffic generated by Finnish link building and SEO processes to our customers.

Get Finnish link building sites now!
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Most frequent questions and answers

Instead of quality, the focus was more on the quantity when it came to backlinks in recent years. Search engines were not as strict with the requirements of the backlinks as they are today. Now Google pays close attention to your backlinks and will punish you for debatable SEO methods. Link directories are online lists or pages that have lots of backlinks in various categories listed in them. Link directories are kind of catalogues and they are meant to guide the visitor to what they are interested in. Numerous webmasters want to make sure that they are found on these directories.

Although using link directory is not as effective anymore as it used to be, it can still boost your Finnish link building power a little bit. Google’s algorithm looks at multiple different factors when ranking websites in search results. Links are one of the main factors that search engines look at; however backlinks are generally considered to not be great quality links.

Exchanging links is a strategy that has been used for backlinks since the beginning. Link exchange has for long been a popular strategy to build links to your site. It works like a two-way street: you will link to another website from your site in exchange for them linking back to your website from their site. The issue with link exchange is that search engines do not value exchanged backlinks too highly.

Search engines are getting smarter and smarter but one way to trick them is to exchange links with more than one other site. Two sites linking directly to each other looks too organized to search engines and the value of the links decreases. So link exchange can be effective but it can easily be overdone and then the benefits from the links degrade and hurt your chances to rank highly on Finnish link building.

Generally good links are considered to be natural. A local business from Finland having a lot of backlinks from abroad might seem strange to search engines. This is why Finnish websites should mostly have local links from Finland to their site. After all, the point of link building is to generate traffic that is interested in your content. This usually comes locally to local websites.

By choosing the correct Finnish links, you can boost the effectiveness of the links and benefit highly. On the other hand, choosing bad links will give little to none benefit.
For an international company or person, it is of course normal to build links all over the world.

Keywords related to casinos are very competitive and thus have a potential to bring great results. When competition for certain keywords is fierce, alternative strategies such as press releases, outreach and sponsored blog articles come into play. Outreach means that you’ll contact potential websites to create links to your site. In order to succeed with outreach, you’ll need quite a bit of experience and an extensive network of contacts. It is quite time consuming and might be hard to tackle on your own. We will be happy to help you with outreach to help you achieve high quality casino links.

Google often thinks that links from paid posts are natural and thus values them highly. This is great when the algorithm ranks the search results because your site has a higher chance ranking on the top of the page. In 2012, Google introduced an update to their algorithm caller Google Penguins.

The aim was to prevent questionable SEO strategies that violate Google’s guidelines. Penguins is currently highly effective in catching dubious SEO actions. We at Nordic Link Building will come up with an effective plan to get highly valued backlinks to your website. This is how we will help you to gain authority of the site and eventually end up with that top of the search results position.

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